About me

My design story

How I ended up being interested in information design is not by accident. Like many designers it comes from many different influences, for me it was things such as tv, movies, music, video games and my careers in the Air Force and Engineering.

Some of my first memories are of my Dad playing the music of Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark or OMD for short. They are an 80s band responsible for the hit Enola Gay, often use artwork by Peter Saville for their album covers. As a child I remember being fascinated with these geometric artworks which were reflective of the time.


As a child growing up I was fairly talented at drawing, not being a very outdoorsy kid I would often spend time drawing and colouring, I particularly liked drawing cartoons and I absolutely loved the detail in ‘Where’s Wally?’ type images. I loved illustrations with an incredible amount of detail, so you could almost see something new each time you looked.

where's wally


For my 10th birthday I was given a PC, it was 1993 so I was one of the first kids at school to have one. Of course my parents bought it with the hope that I would use it for my secondary school homework but instead I used it to play Doom! When I wasn’t blasting imps back to hell I loved to play ‘God Games’, the likes of Sim City (2000) and Theme Park were two of my absolute favourites. I loved the ability to create a living city or park and develop it. Again the detail was something I loved and I particular the isometric views used in the games. I loved the way everything looked and the ability it gave the game to view so much technical detail such as roads, pipelines and infrastructure. This is probably the most obvious influence in most of my work and a particular look I continue to develop.

sim city 2000

Films and TV were also a big influence, I loved (and still do) sci-fi such as Aliens, Terminator, Star Wars and Star Trek. I am greatly influenced by the works of conceptual designers such as Chris Foss and Syd Mead as well as the technical abilities of Stan Winston who created the T-Rex in Jurassic park and the Queen Alien in Aliens (probably the greatest creature ever!).


At the age of 19 In 2003 I joined the Air Force as an imagery analyst, this was something that surprised everyone that knew me (including myself) but it was a great opportunity to work and travel. As an analyst I was trained to recognise certain facilities such as power stations, water treatments plants, bridges etc. I enjoyed learning how the world around me worked and seeds in my mind were planted about how I could combine all of things I was interested in and knew about.

After 7 years in the Air Force I left in 2010 to finally pursue a career in design and engineering. I studied product design and as part of this I learned how to create technical drawings as well as CAD and illustration software. Finally with these skills I was now able to tie everything together! In addition to my coursework I worked on ‘information graphics’, initially based on a lot of stuff I had seen in the likes of Wired magazine.

My first graphics were to compliment my degree work and it wasn’t long before I was producing them for fun. I began by putting them onto a basic portfolio website and I was lucky enough to have my work spotted by people who needed to explain ‘how stuff works’.

It was after my first few enquiries and commissions that I realised I really had stumbled into something. The holy grail we all look for which was to do something you enjoy as well as something people want! So here I am, now with a dedicated website to my design work that hopefully showcases my talents in technical illustration, product visualisations and information graphics.

Thanks for visiting my site and reading my journey, please get in touch and maybe we can work together.


I always aim to respond within 24 hours.

Graham's prior knowledge of the industry that our brochure covered was invaluable to me. The infographics are perfect for our brochure, and will be of great benefit to our customers. Judy Knapp - Dulux

What Graham does is not to be confused with graphic design, he worked with us to tight deadlines and conveyed detailed technical information Brian Davies - X-Calibur

Graham did some excellent 3D renders as part of our brand launch. This enabled our client to preview a very life-like mockup of the site in advance of the actual build. Alex Epstein - Concoction Haircare